I’m an independent copywriter, content strategist and photographer who specializes in digital storytelling. In addition, I’m also an alumna of the Communication Leadership program at the University Washington, where I graduated with a master’s degree in digital communications. Not surprisingly, I spend a lot of time online and am active on several social media platforms. When I’m offline, I love to travel, particularly to exotic places. What does this have to do with a site on digital estate planning? The combination of my online focus and offline activities is in large part the motivation for creating this site.

Given my online focus, I have a lot of creative work and other miscellaneous online assets. Then there’s my offline life. Although I’m still healthy, my exotic travel activities introduce some level of risk.

Given the broad array of digital assets that I’ve created and my propensity for exotic travel, I began to wonder: What would happen to all of my online work and data if something should happen to me? I realized that it was time to start planning what I want done with my online accounts if I suddenly die or become incapacitated. Or even if I just live out a long life, gently going into the good night while tweeting and posting from my Adirondack chair in a vacation cabin in Arizona.

If you’ve read this far, you may well be in the same situation. If so, I hope that this site helps you. It’s meant to provide an overview of the digital estate planning process, terminology, and the current state of legislation, so that you can get started with your own planning.

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